Cult Classic is a production company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Johnny Hernandez and Joseph Barbalaco in 2018, Cult Classic (formerly known as Obra House) has produced an array of film projects across the country as well as internationally. Primarily working in the short format world, we've been able to work on projects spanning multiple genres and with dozens of talented directors and artists.

Our approach is that no idea is too large and no project is too small. Whether it be a big budget video for a major record label, or an independent short film with up and coming talent, our focus and dedication to each project remains the same. From script to screen, we aim to support our directors and artists to fulfill their vision in every aspect. Our primary objective is to keep the stress of logistics away from the creative process, allowing our creative partners the room and freedom to create. 

At Cult Classic, we know that any great project takes a village to accomplish. That's why we aim to create a safe and respectful environment for not just our talent, but for our crews as well. With Johnny coming from a background as a grip and 1st AD, and Joseph being a production manager and coordinator, we were and still are crew members ourselves. That is why we aim to create an environment where everyone, regardless of title or position, is appreciated and respected.